7 Fascinating Facts About Cellulite

Cellulite is the number one foe of women as more than 90% of women suffer of this disease under the flesh and this devastating disease knows no age, weight or class. These small nodules of fat roam under skin mostly females and they desperately try against to fight so hard knowing their enemy to overcome. You will read about eight truths that probably you didn’t know about cellulite before. 

1.    It is said that it was known in 1873 and the first time the term ‘cellulite’ appeared was in a French medical dictionary in that year which described it as inflammation of cellular tissue.
2.    Until the 60s, no obsession popularized by cellulite and almost a hundred years after its appearance in the French medical dictionary.
3.    Its name comes from the Latin cellula or cellulae, and the suffix "itis" indicates an acute inflammatory state.
4.    It was not demonized until 1920s by the doctors when they considered it as a disease because of poisoning of the body.
5.    It was begun to talk about in women's magazines in 30s and 40s and it was said that it was a mass of toxic waste, a mixture of water and other materials closer into the urine than blood or water.
6.    Some journals mentioned it as a disease of the modern women as a result of having city life and routine of work and strenuous activities that sicken the body.
7.    In 70s, the doctors concluded that cellulite was not a disease.

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According to the health experts, it is impossible to eradicate the appearance of cellulite until using the cosmetic and medical processes such as liposuction. You can lessen the effect of orange peel with particular cosmetics and massage, but once you stop applying, cellulite reappears. Therefore, the most excellent way to keep it in line comes through following healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and sufficient sleep.


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